Friday, October 21, 2011

Night silence

I hate the night silence, when all you can hear is the ticking of the clock... time just passing right by you.


  1. Yes, I find that silence a little creepy while I try to sleep! It sounds funny, but I run the fan to break that silence :-)

  2. Me too... that is why I always have a fan going in the bedroom... white noise, it drowns out the silence that rings in my ears!

  3. i have that same feeling when i'm laying in bed and can hear the clock just ticking away thinking about all of the things that i could be doing instead of being in the silence late at night doing nothing at all.

  4. That is exactly why I don't have a clock in my room,I wouldn't be able to stand that noise.So for me,it's just white noise in the room and sometimes the "heel clicks" on the floor caused by the people coming home at late hours (I live in a flat)

    I'm subscribing,you got my attention.