Sunday, November 4, 2012

My life now.

I've just finished 2 new chapters of my novel so I"m before the daunting task of starting 2 new ones. The joys of being a writer.

But to update you all... I've been coming out from under depression for a while now. Things got really ugly this summer when I turned completely schizophrenic and lived delusional for 2 months. So I was naturally sent to a psychiatrist (against my will, but that was then) and I've been on medication since.

I'm much better now hence back to blogging, although actually if I'm honest I'm only doing that because I am so fucking bored of my life.

I am taking a year out from uni and staying back home with my mother, which as you can imagine, can't be fun. We are completely different people.

So I spend my days writing and dreaming, high mostly. Treatment sucks, but what can I do? This is my life now.

The Economist.

Killing me softly...

Coming out from under schizophrenia is like getting a downgrade in life. I'm beyond bored, and I even miss Paris.

There's people to call now, but the only person I want to call doesn't seem to want to hear from me. And suddenly, that's all that matters.