Thursday, October 6, 2011

An I love you post

As I was sitting by my desk not doing anything productive, I got a skype call from my friend who I haven't heard from in months. Speaking to him was so nice, and I realized just how grateful I am for the friends I've made in my life. And then I realized how rare it is to actually have a moment when you fully appreciate someone. Sure, you love people, but you know sometimes it just dawns on you how much, and you can't help but smile about them. You stop taking them for granted. I didn't want to let that moment go. So this is my first 'I love you' post, dedicated to my friend Dani. 

We met back in high school, on a school trip we took to Berlin. It was funny because I never actually knew him before that, and I was convinced that he was 'the new kid' and wouldn't believe him when he said he went to that school all his life. He had to show me his primary school photo year book to prove it :) I've mentioned before how Madrid never was my city. I think the two years I spent there were probably the roughest of my life. I was dealing with so many insecurities, being overweight, being betrayed by my best friend, which hurt more than anything ever has since. I was just a lonely kid in a big city with no family, and suddenly hardly any friends to count on. And then I met Dani, we just started up a conversation as we walked back to our hotel in Berlin one night. Little did I know how wonderful a friendship this would become. After the whole best friend drama I really didn't have many friends at all, I was lonely most of the time, depressed the other, but he was one of those people that I really could count on. And when I left, we kept in touch, and whenever I'd come back, we'd rekindle our friendship. And now I'm here in Paris, and he's in London, we always seem to miss each other as we move around. But he's a wonderful boy. And I think the girl that gets him eventually will be a very lucky one. 
I love realizing how amazing someone is. It suddenly makes the world shine a little more brighter. 


  1. I hope one day i can also say that i have an amazing of a friend as you do.

  2. Aww- it sounds like Dani is incredible! I love friends like that. They are special indeed!!

  3. "I love realizing how amazing someone is. It suddenly makes the world shine a little more brighter." - love that.

  4. Appreciation makes us love even more. And be loved.