Monday, September 26, 2011

A world that runs on trust.

Has it ever occurred to you that the whole world runs on trust? Everything is presupposed... we trust that there will be a tomorrow, or a next week, or even a forty years from now. We trust that we won't be hit by a car on the way to work, that there won't be an earthquake that will end our life instantaneously in the next 30 seconds, that when we walk down the stairs we won't trip and break a leg. It just occurred to me as I walked down the stairs to class today, how we are basically just putting all our trust into the world, but really, it can let us down any second now.


  1. Hi Vi,
    I saw that you joined my blog today. I was just reading thru all of your posts and I think its great that you've decided to do this blog.

    You're a wonderful writer with a lot of interesting things to say! And living in France sounds very exciting to me.

    And I think you're quite right the world does run on trust; WE run on trust. For me there's another element that's just as important and that's faith. That's what pulls us thru the disappointments when our trusts are broken and we are let down by the world and the people in it.

  2. Well lets see, I have been hit by a car twice and have tripped going down stairs and broken my leg in three places, so needless to say, I don't "suppose or trust" anything any more. Now I walk with my my eyes wide open!

    And unfortunately, the world can and does let us down occasionally, sometimes too much... However with that said, I am just sorry that you have learned this so early on. No one should feel that way so early in the beginning of their career in life... But with the let downs, come the little surprises that do take your breath away in such wonderful, positive aspects... And, I wish those for you!

    Thanks for following me on my blog. Am returning the favour!

    from It's an Average Life

  3. Hi Vi , just saw you followed my blog today and i proceeded to read your posts. I can see you're going through a low time, why dont u just try to write the next post about 10 things you love about your time. For me to read maybe :) I'm sure that will cheer you up.

    about people disappointing you, I heard someone say the other day : I have lowered my expectations from people to a point where they have already been met ! so u never get hurt

  4. I run more on hope- what's a world without hope? I hope none of those things happen.

  5. It's so I was reading your blog.. I thought of Tracy..thinking she would enjoy your writing etc..and here she is:)
    Both excellent writers:)
    Yes you are can change in a heartbeat..

    Tracy offers the perfect words of optimism.
    You never know what's around the corner..great things can be there also..Things change..Nothing is supposed to stay the same..
    This Too Shall Pass:)