Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Running is the new eating.

My new motto! I want to look Parisian by the time my family comes to visit in two weeks, and Parisians are skinny and beautiful, so that's what I need to work towards! No time for lazy. I've never done this the healthy way before, but I am so excited to try!


  1. My daughter.. 34 and her husband ..just ran the half marathon here:) they were so happy..21 kms..they stared practicing this Spring..:)

  2. That's amazing! I'm no where near to being in shape for a marathon but I'm so motivated to change to a healthier lifestyle :)

  3. where are you from originally ?? im a student in america currently but am almost finished with my french courses and i want to do a year over there !! i admire you so much! this is what i want to do!its hard being healthy but if you can do it that way ! go for it ! J'adore your blog [:!