Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting back in shape

OK, so it's time to get my ass onto a treadmill! Not literally, since gym's in Paris are insanely expensive, and I know myself too well to let myself waste money on a gym membership. The last two times I did that I ended up going twice, definitely worth the 1 year membership, right?
But all the french food has definitely done it's damage. When I first got here I was pleasantly surprised because I think I was actually losing weight, due to all the walking I was doing every single day. But now that I've gotten settled down, my lifestyle has become more lazy, and chinese takeaway has become a habit, and I am just moving my ass way less.
I don't have scales here yet, and I have been meaning to get some ever since I got here but a part of me has been hesitating. The dark lazy part that wants to eat and get away with it. But that's just not gonna fly anymore... I can tell by my clothes that I have put on weight, and that is an absolutely terrifying thought to me! There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and overweight and hence starting to feel self-conscious again. I have lived with that feeling long enough and I'm not about to go back to it. So as of this very moment I am on a strict diet, meaning no bread, pasta, dessert, chinese, or anything that I love basically! Fruit and vegetables, and those in moderate quantities too. And jogging! I know a friend of mine jogs by the Seine sometimes so maybe I'll join her the next time, I imagine that would be a beautiful run.


  1. It's been nice to find your blog..I'll kep my nana's eye on you:)

  2. If i could jog next to the Seine maybe i could also find in in my head to begin a bit of weight watching.