Monday, December 5, 2011

Her heart ached for fragility

I’ve realized that all these years, I’ve tried to feed an illusion. The strong girl was never more than a deception created by a girl who thought she needed to be strong. She didn’t know herself, and so she assumed that wanting to be strong is what everybody wanted, to be independent and wild, never asking for help.  She decided to be just that and she was wrong. As her illusion grew and she became the wise old sorcerer people came to for help and support, she began to crave beauty. She desired nothing more but to be a helpless fairy, always in awe of protection. She needed to be small and tiny, her heart ached for fragility.

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  1. Beautiful text! I believe there is real strength in fragility... Being strong all the time is a way of lying to oneself. I believe that when you see and accept your own fragility, then you can start being really strong.