Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All for you

I wish I could say I remember the day I met you. How I remember how your red hair shined in the sun that day. How your smile was still the most radiant part of you. How your eyes shined and sent me a secret through the sunlight. I wish I could remember the most important day of my life.
I don’t. I don’t because we were two six year olds brought together by fate. Even then, I knew that I would never find someone as fascinating as you. Even then you were the best part of my day. Even then the world was always fun around you. Even then I loved you, exactly for who you were, a beautiful red headed boy, with the kindest heart and the greatest ideas.
Today you are all those things, and even more. Today I look at you, and a life without you terrifies me. I listen to you and I know that I will never want to listen to someone as much.
Your kindness doesn’t show but it’s the best part of you.
There is nothing I want more than to walk down the aisle towards you one day, knowing that I’m marrying my best friend. That I won the battle against the world, I found love and I caught it, and hid it deep in my heart with the key in yours. There is nothing I want more than to look in your eyes one day and saying that I do, seeing your shining awe, your constant look of mischief. There is nothing I want more than living a life with you.
You make me believe in all the world has to offer. In all the feelings that I’ve only read about, in all the ways life can be lived.

(Your past and my future are interconnected. One day you brought me to an ocean, and the waves brought me Peter Pan. For that I will be eternally grateful.)

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