Monday, October 28, 2013

The waves

I know, it's been a while. Truthfully, I completely forgot about this blog. And then something made me remember it and I went through my old posts and realized that it's nice to have some sort of diary of your life, just so you remember.

I have moved back to England a few weeks ago, and honestly, I'm finding it hard to cope. I'm all alone again and beginning to let myself go. It's 9:23 in the morning and I've already had two joints, and about to have a third one. I feel lonely and tired, and bored of my classes again. Loneliness really is the human condition. My motto in high school was 'Life's a bitch and then you die'. Looks like I wasn't so far off the truth back then after all.

I'll write again.



  1. I'm guessing it was me that reminded you of the blog, or the email I sent to be more precise.
    I also forgot about my blog until two days ago, and I totally agree with you. Reading my old posts took me on a trip down the memory lane.
    Hope you write more.


    1. Thank you for your email. It's an account I never use anymore so after going trough my blog I decided to check it :) I'm glad I did. I am coping just a little better now. I'm trying to have hope.

  2. I love reading your blogs, keep writing.

  3. Knowing you're going to die sometimes feels like the only reason to be alive.